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How New Startups Around the World Are Pioneering Land Registries, Supply Chains and the Solar Industry


Anna Laesser


The Startup Digest section introduces startups and grassroots initiatives from around the world that push the boundaries of emerging technologies. Most conversations around emerging technologies are stuck in silos and are quite hyped, making it hard to understand their actual impact on businesses, society and governance. The Startup Digests aim to demystify what is happening on the ground by establishing a discourse via case studies and interviews with startups and grassroots initiatives. Each edition will take a critical look on how these movements apply emerging technologies to achieve a specific purpose – facilitating a discourse that makes the (new) thinking, the approach and potential impact become more tangible. This first edition of the Startup Digest focuses on the nascent blockchain technology that is strongly driven by startups. These enterprises are exploring new opportunities and business models that may have the potential to transform many existing processes in business, society and governance. According to the World Economic Forum, blockchain technology can be a game-changer in how the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are tackled: It enables a shift towards ‘cleaner and more resource-preserving decentralised solutions, to unlock natural capital, and to empower communities’ and thus incentivise new behaviour. This edition features three startups that pioneer blockchain technology, exploring new business models designed to create a positive impact. The startups that have been sourced via the global network of Impact Hub Berlin are: (1) BenBen – land & real-estate market, Ghana,(2) Minespider – mineral supply chain, Germany and (3) SolarLux – solar energy, Thailand. Each interview will give insights on opportunities for growth, challenges and risks to reveal what is happening on the ground. Additionally, possible spill over effects to other emerging technologies will be taken into consideration.

Anna Laesser, Co-founder at Impact Hub Berlin. For correspondence: <>


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