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How Ethical Debates Can Enrich Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Interviews with Elena Poughia and Zara Nanu


Anna Laesser


The Startup Digest section introduces startups and grassroots initiatives from around the world that push the boundaries of emerging technologies. Most conversations around emerging technologies are stuck in silos and are quite hyped, making it hard to understand their actual impact on businesses, society and governance. The Startup Digests aim to demystify what is happening on the ground by establishing a discourse via case studies and interviews with startups and grassroots initiatives. Each edition will take a critical look on how these movements apply emerging technologies to achieve a specific purpose – facilitating a discourse that makes the (new) thinking, the approach and potential impact become more tangible.

Anna Laesser, Co-founder at Impact Hub Berlin. All views are my own. For correspondence: <>


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