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Sustainable AI Safety?

Nadisha-Marie Aliman, Leon Kester, Peter Werkhoven and Soenke Ziesche


In recent years, the need to address the multi-faceted issue of AI governance with safety-relevant, ethical and legal implications at an international level is becoming increasingly critical. Simultaneously, the international community is facing a wide array of global challenges for which the United Nations initiated an agenda with 17 ambitious Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs). In this article, we analyse potential synergies between methodologies to tackle both the AI governance challenge and the SDG challenge and work out novel constructive recommendations for an SDG-informed AI governance and an AI-assisted approach to the SDG endeavour. However, we also expound multiple open issues and contextual limitations that might play a role. Overall, our analysis suggests that while sustainable AI Safety cannot be guaranteed and the goals and values of the international community may change with time, AI governance could aim at a sustainable transdisciplinary scientific approach instantiated within a corrective socio-technological feedback-loop. Finally, we elaborate on the importance of the SDGs related to education and strong institutions for the realisation of this potentially robust AI governance strategy.


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