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Jahrgang 2 (2019), Ausgabe 4

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Eva Thelisson

Seite 155 - 157

Foreword ∙ Power in Times of Artificial Intelligence

Paul Nemitz

Seite 158 - 160


The Right to an Explanation

An Interpretation and Defense

Maël Pégny, Eva Thelisson, Issam Ibnouhsein

Seite 161 - 166

AI Governance: Digital Responsibility as a Building Block

Towards an Index of Digital Responsibility

Eva Thelisson, Jean-Henry Morin, Johan Rochel

Seite 167 - 178

AI Ethics for Law Enforcement

A Study into Requirements for Responsible Use of AI at the Dutch Police

Lexo Zardiashvili, Jordi Bieger, Francien Dechesne, Virginia Dignum

Seite 179 - 185

Classification Schemas for Artificial Intelligence Failures

Peter J. Scott, Roman V. Yampolskiy

Seite 186 - 199

An AGI with Time-Inconsistent Preferences

James D. Miller and Roman Yampolskiy

Seite 200 - 206

AI for Sustainable Development Goals

Nicolas Miailhe, Cyrus Hodes, Arohi Jain, Niki Iliadis, Sacha Alanoca, Josephine Png

Seite 207 - 216

The Use of AI by Online Intermediation Platforms

Conciliating Economic Efficiency and Ethical Issues

Frédéric Marty, Thierry Warin

Seite 217 - 225

Sustainable AI Safety?

Nadisha-Marie Aliman, Leon Kester, Peter Werkhoven and Soenke Ziesche

Seite 226 - 233

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