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Delphi 1/19 – Ethical Machine Learning, Human vs Artificial Intelligence and Game World Dynamics

Launched at the end of 2018, the first issue of Delphi set the stage for discussing big picture views with regard to the societal implications of emerging technologies such as AI, biotech and fintech. It featured articles in a style and language accessible to academics, policy makers and businesses alike. Providing a platform for critical and engaged conversations between representatives of this triangle remains Delphi’s central aim.

With Articles and Opinions on topics such as Transparency in Algorithmic Processes, Robot-assisted Musical Therapy, Social Governance Aspects of Video Games, Intelligent Cooperations with AI and Lethal Autonomous Weapons, the latest issue of Delphi provides the reader with a 360°view on the most remarkable developments in emerging tech, offering state-of-the art insights into how these developments are shaping and reshaping the very fabric of our society.

Additionally, the Startup Digest sheds light on how blockchain-based solutions increasingly impact the healthcare sector and how these approaches are being used to rethink data access, data ownership and analytics.


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