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Delphi 2/2019 - Cyberwarfare, AI and Democracy and Digital Platforms

This issue features interdisciplinary articles, opinions and reports from the fields of law, business and the philosophy of technology.

Maja Brkan focuses on a highly topical subject, the impact of AI on democracy. Her article offers an assessment of the detrimental impact of social bots (algorithmic driven social media accounts) and targeted advertisements on online social networks.

Nolen Gertz, Peter-Paul Verbeek and David Douglas use insights from Technical Mediation Theory (TMT) to show that cyber technologies do not only produce effects in cyberspace, but also have a profound impact on 'real life'. In his contribution, Steven Umbrello makes a compelling case for a ‘value sensitive’ approach when designing AI-empowered nanotechnology.

Paul Nemitz’s and Arnd Kwiatkowski’s Opinion investigates whether it is feasible that large and new platforms, comparable to Whatsapp and Facebook, could be established in Europe.

In the Report section, Jessica Schmeiss and Nicolas Friederici describe what is needed to drive the development of AI in Germany and examine the German government’s ‘AI made in Germany’ agenda.

This issue also includes a new section: Outlook. In the Outlook section, experts from wide ranging technology-related fields are requested to express their views regarding a central theme connected to emerging technology. This time we asked our contributors to examine the business value of ethical tech. Concluding the issue, the Startup Digest features interviews with two businesses explicitly aiming to make a positive impact on society through the application of emerging technologies.


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